Review Policy

I will gladly review novels that I find interesting. I have a running list of novels that I am going to review. I will review and read books as quickly as possible, but I am a college student so it may take up to a month or two. My reviews will be published on this blog, my personal facebook page, my blog facebook page, goodreads, amazon, and my google plus page. If you want my review to be posted on another website, just ask.  Thank you! 

Please follow these guidelines:

I accept:
- YA novels
- Paranormal Romance
- Fantasy

I will consider:
- Romance

I will look at on a case by case basis:

I do not enjoy:
-Heavy faith novels
-Unfinished novels

If your genre is not on here, email me! I always email back, even if it takes a few days.

When you email me, please include the following ( I would greatly appreciate it!)
Goodreads link
Book Summary
Amazon link (if available)

If you have read this, then go on over to my contact page! :)


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