Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November "Out of the Owl's Nest" Review

Title: Sweet St. Lucia: An Erotic Island Affair
Author: B.J. Cherry
Format Acquired: ARC from author for honest review
Publication Date: October 27, 2012
Publishing House: self-published

When Molly Shutter travels to St. Lucia with her husband Paul, it is more of a business trip than a lover’s vacation. Paul had fallen in love with the island whilst there on their honeymoon twenty years ago. 

He has now bought a small resort on the island with intentions of expanding it. 
Molly is left lonely in her room and finds comfort in the arms of another man – David, a handsome, young waiter, who caters to her every need. 

His rich accent puts her in a trance and his spicy island flair is hard to miss. 
Her nights with David are hot and sensual. 

He takes her to new heights and soon, Molly begins to feel that maybe this is the end of her tremulous marriage. 

In a whirlwind of events, Molly Shutter finds herself wrapped up in a relationship filled with lust, love, lies and deceit. 

It is an exotic island affair that leaves everyone speechless, including Molly.

(Summary taken from Amazon)

I acquired a copy of this novelette through the author for a honest review, and to be honest I wan't expecting much. I'm not really into erotic novels, but going out of my normal reviewing box is what "Out of the Owl's Nest" is all about so I said, why not? 

I found this novelette to be refreshing. It was smothered in sexual tension and sometimes I find that when life gets tough you just need to indulge sometimes. I found this novelette to be just the cure for one of those days. The novelette was surprisingly well written and the text just seemed to flow. There weren't any times that I had to go back over a sentence to figure out what I was reading due to poor sentence structure. It was actually more well written than some full blown novels I have read before. 

The only thing that I would have changed about the story to make it five owls instead of four was to perhaps make the ending a bit more detailed  It seemed to be very rushed and almost too short for me. I wanted a more detailed ending, but the ending may have just been the exact ending most readers would hope for. Regardless of the ending I enjoyed the romance that was portrayed in the story and I was quite glad that the novelette featured love and it wasn't just a rushed sex story. Overall I would recommend it to those that would love a quick read that will leave them on the edge of their toes with a whirlwind romance. But remember, this story is definitely not for those under 18 years of age. Enjoy!


You can purchase this book as an ebook on Amazon here.


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