Friday, January 4, 2013

DAC #1 - Reaper by L.S. Murphy

Debut Author Challenge #1

Title: Reaper
Author: L.S. Murphy
Format Acquired: mobi provided by publisher for honest review
Publication Date: January 7, 2013
Publishing House: J. Taylor Publishing
IBSN: 9781937744199

There's no way sixteen year old Quincy Amarante will become the fifth grim reaper. None. Not over her shiny blue Mustang. Her Jimmy Choos. Or her dead body.
She’s supposed to enjoy her sophomore year, not learn about some freaky future Destiny says she has no choice but to fulfill.
It doesn’t take long for Quincy to realize the only way out of the game is to play along especially since Death can find her anyway, anywhere, anytime. And does.
Like when she’s reassuring her friends she wants nothing to do with former best friend Ben Moorland, who’s returned from god-knows-where, and fails. Miserably.
Instead of maintaining her coveted popularity status, Quincy’s goes down like the Titanic.
Maybe ... just maybe ... that’s okay.
It seems, perhaps, becoming a grim reaper isn’t just about the dead but more about a much needed shift in Quincy’s priorities—from who she thinks she wants to be to who she really is


This book is indescribable  At first, when I first started reading it I thought that it might be one of those typical YA novels where the girl is the 'queen bee' and falls for the 'loser.' But, this book is so much more than than; it goes a lot deeper. This story is about life and death and how to enjoy life to it's fullest. I found myself actually crying while reading this book because I felt so many emotions. Reaper did not only appeal to my interests but it touched my heart. 

Quincy is the main character in the book, and she is the character that grows the most. At the beginning of the novel she is trying to find her place in the popular group, and in turn loses herself throughout the process. Ben becomes the figure that helps her find herself once again. Both of these characters were very enjoyable and it also helped that Ben was just too adorable, I loved him! The reaper Forsyth, Destiny and Fate also come into play in this book. They all have a role in helping Quincy find out what life really is and how to enjoy it, even if it takes her a while to figure out her destiny and fate. 

Overall, this novel was touching. It was an enjoyable and heartfelt story of coming of age and finding oneself  The paranormal factor gave it a surprisingly refreshing twist on life. I would recommend this book to all my friends.



LS Murphy said...

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Reaper. :)

Heather B said...

You're welcome! I was glad I was able to read it!

Emily Anne said...

Oh, I am DEFINITELY going to read this book now! Thanks so much!

Heather B said...

You're welcome! And I LOVED the ending... so good!

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