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Power by Theresa Jones Tour Stop [Review and Giveaway]

Power (The Descendant Trilogy #1)


Thousands of years after the battle between the angels, when Lucifer was defeated by Michael in the Heavens, the war is still being fought on Earth by the humans who have their Power, the Angel’s Power. 

Allison Stevens is a 21 year old single mother who gets thrown into the middle of this battle when Damien, the Leader of the Rising, decides to hunt her down and kill her because he fears she is the descendant prophesied to save the world. 

David, a member of the Order, takes Allison under his wing in order to show her the ropes, and hopefully groom her into being the one they have been waiting for. The only problem is that they start to grow more attached than a teacher/student relationship should allow.

But that isn’t all. Damien wants to open the Seven Seals and bring about the apocalypse and it’s up to Allison to not only save herself and her family, but save the world, all while trying to keep her heart from breaking.

No problem… right?

POWER is the first book in a New Adult (Mature YA) Paranormal Romance Trilogy and is the debut novel for author Theresa M Jones.

My Review:

I wasn't sure when I started reading this if I would like it or not based solely on the fact that the main character was a single mom at 21. I felt like it complicated things, and it just made the book seem a bit more mature than the regular YA books that I read. I found myself pleasantly surprised to actually enjoy and come to love the main character that grew up from her teen pregnancy  I also understood halfway through the novel why it was necessary for her  to be a mother so young.

I really enjoyed reading this debut novel, but the only thing that bothered me was it's predictability.  I can pretty much tell you exactly what is going to happen to the main characters and the prophecy in the next book because it was that predictable. Maybe it was just me, but it kind of ruined the surprise. I loved the characters, and I particularly enjoyed Allison and her daughter. I thought her daughter was just too precious and she really did add an element to the story that I would have missed otherwise.

I loved the world that Mrs. Jones created in this novel and I will definitely be reading the rest of the books in the series. Bravo Mrs. Jones on your debut! It really was a special treat.

Note: I received this book for an honest review. I did not receive any monetary expenses in exchange for my review.

Author's Bio:

Theresa M. JonesTheresa M Jones is just a regular small town, Texas girl. When she isn't at work at a local Medical Equipment provider,you can find her at home with her husband and two beautiful (and rambunctious) kiddos.

In her spare time- as if there ever was such a thing as "spare time" - she reads and reviews books on her book blog, and writes paranormal romance novels.

POWER (The Descendent Trilogy #1) is her debut New Adult (Mature YA) Paranormal Romance novel.

Twitter- @MrsTheresaJones

And Facebook: TheresaMJones
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