Monday, May 20, 2013

Girls Love Travis Walker Book Tour Stop

New Adult Contemporary

Date Published: 3/15/13

To nineteen-year-old high school dropout Travis Walker, women are like snowflakes--each one different, but beautiful in her own way. He can charm any girl he meets, and yet down deep he fears he'll always be a loser like his jailbird father. As the landlady threatens to evict him and his sick mother, Travis 
takes a job he hates and spends his evenings picking up girls at a nearby night spot. When he enlists in a teen program at the local fire station, he finds out he’s amazing at it. Then he meets the smoking hot Kat Summers, enlists Kat’s friend Zoey to help him woo her, and falls in love for the first time ever.But he keeps the details of his life secret. His girl will never love him back if she knows the truth about him….

This novel tugged at my heartstrings... literally. I went into this book thinking it was going to be your typical bad boy falls for girl scenario, but boy was I wrong. This book touched on subjects that I never thought I would find myself reading. Travis Walker has had his fair share of bad luck, in fact it seems like it is never ending.  He is a bad boy; he sleeps around, he drinks underage, he is a high school dropout, and he is dirt poor. Travis finds himself in some very bad situations that are not his fault in the least. He just happened to be born to the wrong family and the wrong circumstances. But, past his shell and is hot exterior, he is a really good guy. I found myself rooting for him throughout the book and I felt for him when he just could not catch a break no matter how hard he tried. I also found myself falling in love with him along with the main girl.

As for the main characters, I of course loved Travis Walker, but I also found myself enjoying Zoey's character as well. At first she was a bit of a brat, and I get why now, but I am glad that she blossomed into a perfect character. She was just right for the story. I won't really comment on Kat or Zoey's boyfriend because I just did not like their characters, which I am sure was the point. Either way, Travis and Zoey were definitely my favorites.

I know that I have written a few five star reviews, and most of them were deserving, but this book I tried to find flaws and I just couldn't. I enjoyed the story-line  the writing, and the characters. I found myself engrossed in Travis Walkers story and I just could not get enough. The only thing that I could possibly find wrong with this story is that I wanted more. I just could not get enough at the end when I was rooting for his happy ending. This book completely and wholeheartedly deserves the five owls that I am giving it.


Anne Pfeffer is the author of Any Other Night and The Wedding Cake Girl.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA.


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