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Bewitched Virtual Blog Tour [Review]

Title: Bewitched
Author: Mark Jay Harris

Release Date: March 1, 2013

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

ASIN: 978-0-985656-29-4

Source: blog tour for honest review 

Is it love or is it witchcraft? He’ll never find out if he kills her first.  The first time Darren saw Samantha, she was floating above his high school gymnasium during a basketball game, invisible to everyone but him. Next time he sees her, she's sitting in front of him in class, wowing his friends and causing unexplainable things to happen that only he seems to notice. But things really get strange (and complicated) when his dying grandfather tells him that he is part of an ancient order, the “Pessum Ire,” whose duty is to destroy witches. What does he do now, since he’s almost positive Samantha is a witch…and he’s crushing on her pretty hard?

"Bewitched is spell-binding! A highly-unique page-turner that hooks you from the first paragraph. With complex characters and unexpected twists and turns, Harris delivers and leaves you hoping for more!" - Stephanie Keyes, author, The Star Child series

I loved it! It was action packed and filled with twists and turns that I was just dying to  turn the next page! The words flowed off the page, and I found myself caught up in the world that Mark Jay Harris transcribed. I literally just could not put this book down! I love when books have twist, preferably when they are written in the guys point of view. We never really know what the guy is thinking in most young adult books, so I found it refreshing that the point of view was in Darren's perspective.

It doesn't take long for the story to grab you either. I was pulled into the storyline from the first paragraph. The story starts off with Darren's brothers funeral, and strange happenings amongst the funeral that only he can see. There are some strange men that seem to show up when a bright flash of light appears. The story only progresses from there.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I can only hope that the sequel will live up to these expectations I have set from this debut!


 Mark Harris lives in Smithfield Utah, a small town located in a beautiful valley in Northern Utah. His wife, Shaundale, and he have four terrific children, two girls and two boys and a fifth one due to arrive in November of 2012. Mark has taught English and Special Education and currently works from home teaching English to people from all over the world. Writing has always been his true passion since he was a grade schooler writing about mushrooms. "Bewitched" will be his debut novel. He has two others underway and will soon start on the sequel to "Bewitched," called "The Return of the Familiar." He hopes you enjoy his work because he is working on several series geared toward younger audiences. 

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Mark Jay Harris said...

Heather, thank you so much for your kind review. I really am glad you enjoyed the book. And I'm also glad you posted your review. I'll do my best to see that the sequel lives up to your expectations!

Liza said...

In case you want more people to know about the giveaway click on the link above!

Heather B said...

Thank you Liza!

Heather B said...

Mark: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review it! :) I'm excited for the sequel!

Kelly Hashway said...

I really enjoyed Bewtiched too!

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