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Uniquely Unwelcome Blog Tour [Review & Interview]

Title: Uniquely Unwelcome

Author: Brandy Nacole

Release Date: November 20, 2012
Publisher: Createspace
ASIN: B009E96084
Source: blog tour for honest review 

Racquel is unique. The bloodlines of four of the most powerful beings in the Shadow World are intertwined within her DNA. She has never craved attention. She just wants to be able to live as normal life as she can. But she’s about to find that even though she’s uniquely unwelcome wherever she goes, her abilities also make her the best chance the Shadow World has to stop a threat to all the Shadow races. Once arriving home, Racquel finds that greater evils exist and that the person she cares for most in this world, her half-sister Addie, has been kidnapped along with other Shadow World beings. Racquel finds herself facing horrible odds with those who would rather see her dead than alive. As her journey continues, Racquel learns more about herself, what she is capable of, and that not every being looks at her as an abomination. Coy, a human captive that Racquel saves from the Vampires, starts showing kindness toward her. Racquel tries putting distance between her and the human boy but as they spend more time together it becomes harder and harder for Racquel to fight the affection she wants and needs. But will Coy’s friendship and her new found discoveries be enough to help Racquel unravel the strangest mystery that has ever plagued the Shadow World?

My Review:
What if there were people in this world that were different from others? What if they were called Shadows all stayed together with those that were the same and had close bonds? What if you were a blend of four of these Shadows? This is exactly the scenario that Harmony Racquel finds herself in. Racquel is unique, very unique. So unique in fact that either the Shadows hate her or find her fascinating (most are the former). Racquel has had a hard life fighting those all around her. The humans find her scary because of her unnatural grey eyes and the Shadows shun her because she is a mix of four species. The only person that accepts her is her half sister Addie, who is a witch. In the novel, Shadows start to go missing from all of the Shadow clans ( witches, lycans, shifters, vampires, fae, and leprechauns). Addie is one of those that goes missing, and therefore Racquel goes on a search for her sister and all of the other missing Shadows (with a little persuasion from an elder witch). Through this journey, Racquel finds herself and learns to accept those that have wronged her in the past.

Racquel was definitely unique. I spent the majority of the novel trying to decide if I really liked her or not. Her character went from being really heroic and warrior like to "woe is me" in about two seconds. I just didn't understand this. I did understand that she went through a lot during her childhood by being unique and she ended up being hurt by those in the Shadow world. But, she didn't just learn to accept this she ended up accepting and then hurting all within a few paragraphs. Her mood went from one thing to the next far too quickly for me. Overall, I felt that she could have been better because she was a bit whiny, but I ended up liking her just because of the ending confrontation. She was a strong willed and minded individual  Even though I say she was whiny, I wish I was half the person she was if I went through the same things. But, the last sentence of the novel completely threw me... Girl you need to make your mind up. There were a few more characters with other flaws, but this is not a rant on flaws. Nobody is perfect after all.

Overall, I really did like this book. There were a few things that bothered me, like small plot holes in a few spots, but I was able to get over these to enjoy the story in its entirety. I loved that I was able to dive into a new world unique in its own. I mean what other book has leprechauns? This book also has a few deeper meanings that were also explored. It is a tale of acceptance and love. I look forward to reading the sequel.


About the author...

Brandy Nacole resides in Arkansas where her imagination runs wild. Her obsession is reading but her passion is writing. She put her dream of becoming a writer on the back burner and went to college to become a psychologist. Three years after endless classes in a field she only felt half satisfied with, Brandy picked up her pen once again and wrote the outline to Uniquely Unwelcome. She finished out her degree in psychology but traded her dream of writing for the degree and put psychology on the back burner. Whenever she’s not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends, throwing around crazy ideas, and laughing through the crazy moments.

What inspired you to write this book?
A dream.  One night after reading I had this incredible dream about Racquel.  When I woke up I was so inspired by the story, I got right to work.  I was like a mad woman with my pen, laying in bed, shushing my husband ever time he walked in the room to check on me, until I finally had the outline down.  My husband thought I had gone mad.  Once he read the outline he was impressed and proud of my passion.  From there the days of research started and I got to finally start bringing Racquel's story to life. 
Is this your first young adult book?
It's my first published book, yes.  I have been writing since I was little and have many young adult stories, some short stories, others that are not complete, but have written many.
Everyone says that every book they published is like their baby, how did you feel when you published your book?
I would have to agree to this.  Writers bring to life their imagination through words.  We are very proud of our words and can be a little defensive like a mother bear when someone disses our baby.  But unlike a mother bear who would tell that person to shove it, we have to keep our cool and listen.  Yeah, it still stings but it makes us stronger, smarter, and better writers. 
Is there a sequel in the works?
The sequel to Uniquely Unwelcome is already out.  It is called Blood Burdens.  I'm currently working on the third book in the series, which will be out this summer.
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
My favorite character is of course Racquel.  She is the inspiration behind the book, strong, and her personality is a lot like mine.  She's defensive, strong-willed, a bit of a smart butt, but fierce when it comes to those she cares about. 
The title is definitely unique, pun not intended, but why did you pick it?
Racquel is unique.  She's a mix of four different Shadows, a vampire, witch, shifter, and lycan.  This may sound cool, but in her world it's not.  In fact, it's looked down upon.  Shadows are not suppose to mix their races.  But Racquel's great-grandparents could not fight the feelings they had for one another, no matter what the law said.  Their love created the start of Racquel's never heard of bloodline.  She grows up as an outcast in the Shadow World.  So it was easy in picking the title Uniquely Unwelcome. 
Thank you for letting me interview you! Is there anything else you would like to tell my readers?
Thanks for reading along.  If Uniquely Unwelcome peeks your interest and you pick up a copy, let me know your thoughts.  I always love hearing what people have to say about Racquel's story. 

Here's a small taste of the novel:

We turn the corner onto a bridge and I finally see it.  The clock tower or as everyone else calls it, Big Ben.  It’s absolutely stunning, especially at night.  The clock towers over London showing its massive height and beauty as it proclaims the time for everyone to see.   
            As we’re walking across the bridge I notice Coy getting a little winded and sweaty.  “You okay?” 
            “Yeah, but we may have to hail that ride back.”  He’s winded but it doesn’t keep him from looking up in awe at Big Ben.  I’m worried though, he looks like he’s about to pass out.  Honestly what was I thinking?  Making him walk forever, knowing he hasn’t had any strenuous exercise his whole life.  But from the expression on his face I can tell he thinks it was worth it. 
            I wish I could get excited over something the way he is right now.  See the world in a new way.  Erase the memory of the past.  I envy Coy for his look of astonishment and wonder.  All I ever feel is dread and loneliness.  I’m glad that someone has a chance to see the wonder and magic of the world.  It does hold some amazing things.
            We arrive at the base of the tower and its enormous beauty.  The structure is like a huge piece of art work.  There are angels and gargoyles all over the towers surface.  The clock bell starts to chime, ringing loud for everyone to hear as its bright light shines through the night.
            Once the chiming stops, I contemplate on going up for a quick view.  But I can’t leave Coy behind.  He might get attacked or feel left out.  I go to discard the thought when Coy says something that gives me permission to take him with me. 
            “Wow.  This is amazing.”  Coy says, “I wish we could see the view from up top.”
            I shrug my shoulders, “Okay.”  Before he even knows what I’m doing, I have a tight hold on him.  My hands are encircled under his arms and around his chest.  Locking my hands I give a slight warning, “Hang on tight,” before launching us off the ground. 
He tries to protest but it dies as we land on the roof of the adjoining Westminster Palace.  Without pause I keep jumping.  I grab hold of outcroppings along the tower to keep my momentum.  In a matter of seconds I’m up the tower and sitting Coy on the ledge just above the clock. 
            I couldn’t see his face while we were scaling the tower but looking at him now, I have a pretty good idea of what his face looked like.  His face is pale as are his knuckles, from the death grip he has on the railings.  His eyes are practically jumping out of their sockets. 
            “What the hell was that?”  He asks as he takes a shaky breath.
            “What?”  I ask innocently.
            “That,” he shouts, waving his hand through the air to emphasize. 
            “Oh, well you wanted to see the view.  That was the only way I could think of getting us up here.”  I take a seat on a gargoyle, straddling it like I’m riding a horse, and lean back against the tower.
            “A little warning would have been nice.  You scared the hell out of me you know.”  He still looks a little rattled but seems to calming a bit.
            I laugh to myself.  I had expected his response but it’s still funny.  “Would you have gone?”
            “Exactly!  I knew you wanted to come up here but if I had asked you probably wouldn’t have been too giddy about it.  Now will you quit complaining?  It’s over and done.  So just enjoy the view,” I say, taking in the view myself. 
            He doesn’t say anything more and finally looks around him.  His expression is the same as it was before when he saw Big Ben on the bridge, awed with all smiles. 
It really is beautiful.  The moon is reflecting off the water.  I don’t know what it is about the moon reflecting on the water but it’s comforting.  The street lights below stretch out illuminating the city.  From up here there doesn’t seem to be a care in the world.  No differences, no fighting, just total blissfulness.  
            An urge hits me so hard that I don’t think I will be able to hold it back.  Without even questioning myself, I stand on top of the gargoyle and look over at Coy.  “Will you be okay up here for a few minutes?”
            “I guess.”  He looks at me cautiously.  “What are you going to do?”  Without answering him, I jump.  

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Brandy Nacole said...

Thanks Heather for being a part of the book tour! Enjoyed reading your review. I love the owl theme btw. Very awesome

Brandy Nacole said...

Enjoyed reading your review. Thanks for being a part of the book tour. I like your owl theme BTW. Very cute :)

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